Damn, Rachel

I would call this an announcement, but really, it’s just me affirming the obvious.

Let’s back track for a second here, deviants. What could I possibly be talking about? Rachel Maddow, of course! Everyone that knows me knows that I have a little thing for her – I have a thing for sexy brains, alright? And today while I was catching up on my Twitter feed, Dorothy Snarker alerted me (and by me I mean the entire Twitter-using population) to this photo of a young Rachel Maddow:

Rachel Maddow

Riddle me this, deviants; who is not hot for Rachel Maddow now? I mean, really. Now, I’m unsure of who leaked this photo, or if it was just some very crafty left-thinking Photoshop wizard set on distracting the entire lesbian community from something (oh, the mystery of it all!), but I would like to shake that person’s hand, if you know what I mean.

By that I meant shake their hand by the way, just because you have access to a class picture of Rachel Maddow doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cool – you’re only cool when you repost that picture on your blog, or something.

Love, Lauren

ps – while I was looking for things to link to, I came across this Rachel Maddow jack-o-lantern. FTW, deviants, FTW.


What could be better? (NSFW)

Good afternoon, sexual deviants! I was checking my Twitter feed this fine day and I came across this lovely video clip. I’m keeping this short, because reading instead of watching is, really, and I mean really, a crime. I’d like to thank Lizzy the Lezzy (@lizzythelezzy) for the heads up. And the sexual frustration.

You’re welcome.


Morning screenshot: April 7/2010

Morning Screenshot - Lauren Pettigrew Online

Well, sexual deviants, it’s morning screenshot time. And as you already know, the apocalypse is near, so I’ve decided to distract myself… with This is Why You’re Fat, because nothing cheers me up like the thought of people eating a 1lb bacon BLT. Ironically, I’m also checking my TreeHugger. And then just a whole bunch of normal stuff, Twitter, Adium, and looking at myself alone in my living room. It’s a good life.

How are all of you today? Having morning sex? I hope so.

Why, Scrabble? Why?

It’s 9 am, and perfectly dreary out. And I’m writing you from a very dark place. Why, you ask, would you even bother to blog in such a state? Well, the Scrabble community is in disarray. As a rather devout Scrabble player, I like to be informed on everything that goes on in the Scrabble world, though, admittedly, not a whole lot about the game has changed since it was released – until now.

They’ve added proper nouns to the game. Yes, proper nouns – people’s names, places, brands, the whole deal. This brings about, well, a state of chaos for people who’ve learned to play Scrabble the hard way – being challenged by your grandmother for just about everything, and being pummeled into the ground until you turn 12 and learn to fend for yourself… Clearly, that’s the general consensus and has nothing to do with my own experiences. Heh.

But seriously, names? Stephen Colbert tweeted it best with:

Colbert Twitter (Stephenathome)I, for one, am outraged that they’re trying to target a younger generation by allowing them to use proper nouns. Don’t spoon feed the kids, give them a fork of their own, and if they happen to poke themselves it’s just Darwin at work… too much?

Anyway, what does everyone think?

I mean, just think of all the points I could get for being able to somehow spell Young Jeezy.

I’ve got the sickness

Well, sexual deviants, I have finally succumbed to illness after months of health – a record for me. As I’m trying to leave the house as little as possible in anticipation for Jess’s Lady Gaga-themed birthday, I’ve had a lot of quality time with the Internet (though we have yet to make it to first base).

What have you found, Lauren?

Aw, shucks! Thanks for asking. Today I stumbled upon three dogs owning a police car. Well, actually, one of them was cherry picking – conformists, jeez.

But fear not, it hasn’t all been crazed dogs and LOLcats. As you all know, I’m all over Twittermy Hype Machine used to be all over my Twitter, until I loved songs at such a rate that people actually unfriended me from Facebook. So, if you’re not already stalking me on all of the above (you know I linked you above… and it’s terribly rude not to click), I have some music for you.

Bassnectar – Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado: I’ll admit I’m not exactly storming into the streets in support of drum & bass, but this song makes me at the very least want to make a sign. You know, just in case I do have to storm the streets. If you’re currently on drugs, this song is definitely for you. If you’re trying to give up drugs, maybe you should listen to this instead.

Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane: Break out your acoustic guitars and Google some tabs – this could be the simplest, most beautiful song I’ve heard in a while. Why the tabs and acoustic guitar? Sing it to your same-sex significant other – you’ll see. This song goes great paired with a full bodied red, cuddling under the stars, and short romantic strolls on the beach.

Lady Gaga – Telephone (Chew Fu Extended Fix) feat. Beyonce: I came to the realization yesterday that I am the kind-of-embarrassed owner of 14 Bad Romance remixes. Currently, I only have four Telephone remixes, so I feel as if maybe, just maybe, I’m getting my Gaga addiction under control. This song should be paired with absynth, glow sticks, Skins, and at least one person in rave pants and a mesh shirt (one nipple piercing recommended).

I have so much more for you later, so come on back now, ya hear?


Tila’s a lesbian… Twitter told me so.


Tila Tequila Lesbian

Just to clarify, I am not the "mama" in question...


I’m still sick, fellow sexual deviants, but I could not let this one slip through your fingers (pending they aren’t already in inappropriate places)… My good friend (and by “good friend” I am using the, uh, say-someone’s-your-good-friend-because-you-love-their-blog-in-hopes-they-love-you-back meaning) StuntDouble over at AfterEllen has taken Tila Tequila’s official-ish (does Twitter count as official?) coming out to a whole new level…

Here’s a couple exerpts, though you can read the whole post here!