Carmen SanDiego

Well, ladies and the odd inquisitive gent, my sneaky disappearing act (thus the Carmen SanDiego, though I don’t think she ever disappeared, she was just really, really, hard to find) has been brought on by a perilous endeavour which I like to call house hunting. You probably already know this, but Jesse and I are moving in together, and I am the designated house hunter… unfortunately, Jesse and I don’t really work the same way. Other than the obvious explanation of I am not Jesse and Jesse is not me, I like to fly by the seat of my pants on these kinds of things; I don’t settle very easily, but living in Montreal, seemingly, means I must change my ways, or miraculously come into a lot of money, not tell Jesse how much the place actually costs, and leave her blissfully unaware. Unfortunately, again, the former seems far more probable.

Is a nice apartment really too much to ask? No. But apparently, as soon as you live in Montreal, all standards must be lowered. Anyways, here’s to hoping Jesse doesn’t get fed up with me before I find a place and then I have to look for a one bedroom… Now that, would be terrible.

Regular posts coming back tomorrow. But in order to keep this somewhat gay, Lindsay and Sam back together? Hmmm.

Thanks, Girlfriend is a Homo :).

Thanks, Girlfriend is a Homo :).


Guess who’s back?

I won’t go off into the whole “back again, tell your friends…” cliche bit, because we all know about that new Eminem video controversy right?

Lauren, you’ve been gone for so long, I am no longer up on anything gay… except for my girlfriend that is.

Well, ladies, gentlemen, grrrls and bois, lets make this post a big ol’ recap of lesbian-related news. First, the Eminem thing; he’s made yet another comeback (for someone so who seems to be taking comeback pointers from Madonna, he isn’t very gay friendly), and he’s ruder than ever. It’s not surprising that he’s making fun of celebrities in videos, but he’s never gone after celesbians. Ellen and Portia, Lindsay and Sam, Eminem tries to get the drool-worthy, headline-stealing, femme ladies that we hear so much about to give up on women. There’s nothing like a little midafternoon misogyny… good luck with that converting, buddy.

In other news, it would seem that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have broken up. I know, I never really touch on Lindsay and Sam (other than that American Sapphic picture, but you can’t blame me for that one), there were Twitter wars, and now the tabloids are swarming. Apparently when two women breakup, the entire universe implodes and only US Weekly and a couple cockroaches are left standing. 

What else is of note? Out’s top 50 is, well, out, and it should come as no shock that Ellen (do I even need to say DeGeneres anymore?) and Rachel Maddow took the second and third spots; congratulations, ladies. (Oh, and I totally urge you to go through the whole thing, you’d think Out would find some nicer pictures, but I will post the highlights… er, lowlights.)

Caption highlight: Mum is still the official word on his sexuality, but Cooper (left)... Thanks for that update, Out.
Caption highlight: “Mum is still the official word on his sexuality, but Cooper (left)…” Thanks for that update, Out.
Caption Highlights: 13. THE NEW YORK TIMES GAY MAFIA

Caption Highlights: "13. THE NEW YORK TIMES GAY MAFIA"

Jake Gyllenhaals gay?! Oh wait, its the other guy.

Jake Gyllenhaal's gay?! Oh wait, it's the other guy.

Now that I realize I have a whole lot of laundry to do (clean clothes get chicks, clearly), I am just going to leave you with some really good news. Vermont passed.

As always, more posts later,



Your one lesbian friend

Cool gays!How is it that lesbians are so in right now? I mean, I’m not complaining, a little press isn’t going to kill us. But it seems like the cool thing to do these days is to befriend and be photographed with at least one outed lesbian (and maybe possibly Ellen Page).

    Everyone’s forgotten about small dogs in pink purses, and they’ve moved on to brighter horizons, the indie-lesbian community. Lindsay Lohan befriends Samantha Ronson & suddenly the whole world is up in arms. Looking for pictures to post, I searched “Lindsay Lohan and lesbian friend”, only because I had heard through the grape vine that she was dabbling with someone, but no one told me names, and up came Lindsay and Samantha, only poor Sam was referred to only as “lesbian friend”. What a piss off! People so much about the fact that Lindsay Lohan has a lesbian friend that they don’t even list her name! I mean, come on, Samantha Ronson is an awesome dj/musician, lesbian or not. And I think she deserves to be named.

    And then we have Paris Hilton, who goes out to gay bars, and you’d think from the press she gets that the apocalypse was coming and we should all prepare ourselves with tinfoil hats and chastity belts. She was at the L Word season 5 premiere party and the media had a fit. Even I was having a fit, but that’s probably because she was inches away from Katherine Moennig, prow! I’m hoping that Paris still has some trendsetting left in her, because if everyone who went out to buy one of those little dogs decided to go out and befriend a lesbian, the world would probably be a better place. But I’m just sayin’.