Damn, Rachel

I would call this an announcement, but really, it’s just me affirming the obvious.

Let’s back track for a second here, deviants. What could I possibly be talking about? Rachel Maddow, of course! Everyone that knows me knows that I have a little thing for her – I have a thing for sexy brains, alright? And today while I was catching up on my Twitter feed, Dorothy Snarker alerted me (and by me I mean the entire Twitter-using population) to this photo of a young Rachel Maddow:

Rachel Maddow

Riddle me this, deviants; who is not hot for Rachel Maddow now? I mean, really. Now, I’m unsure of who leaked this photo, or if it was just some very crafty left-thinking Photoshop wizard set on distracting the entire lesbian community from something (oh, the mystery of it all!), but I would like to shake that person’s hand, if you know what I mean.

By that I meant shake their hand by the way, just because you have access to a class picture of Rachel Maddow doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cool – you’re only cool when you repost that picture on your blog, or something.

Love, Lauren

ps – while I was looking for things to link to, I came across this Rachel Maddow jack-o-lantern. FTW, deviants, FTW.


I’m swamped, here’s my divided attention.

I have so many readings and papers to do, I just don’t know how, or if, I will survive. As I acknowledge my mortality, this is a quick post for you to remember me by, just incase I don’t make it.

Music! Everyone needs music, right? Well I have a couple bands for you, but seeing as we’re being snippy, I will push the music upon you and you, seeing as you will probably be here tomorrow, can fend for yourself. This is the music review of tough love, which, ironically is kind of more useful than an actual movie review… Thinking for yourself, now I’ve definitely made a contribution to society. So here we go, and take this paragraph lightly, you’re a smart bunch.

Dead Man’s Bones- Pa Pa Power

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- Home

Girls- Lust for Life

Actually, all those YouTube searches for things I already knew the titles of was really exhausting, so I’m going to leave you with old school Rachel Maddow meets new school Rachel Maddow.

my friends call me RayRay Maddz, oh and Im a Rhodes Scholar, too.

"my friends call me RayRay Maddz, oh and I'm a Rhodes Scholar, too."

Hello, Im Rachel Maddow, my friends call me *jaw drop* Hubba-da... Rachels fine, though.

"Hello, I'm Rachel Maddow, my friends call me *jaw drop* Hubba-da... Rachel's fine, though."

SuperNews does it again

I subscribed to The Current on YouTube a week or so, and I am thoroughly impressed with myself. Yes, their vaguely-amusing movie reviews clog my subscriptions box, but whenever the SuperNews segments come about, I am thoroughly impressed (remember Hipsters in Space?).

The newest one, “Life on Mars… Is Gay!”, chronicles the lives of gay martians as told be two scientists, who found this all out from a soil sample. It’s really well done. Oh, and everyone’s favourite Rachel Maddow makes an appearance too, well, kind of.

Just watch it.

Maddow makes it better

Well, I know it would seem as if I’ve fallen off the face of the planet recently. And that, of course, is entirely my fault. I am in the middle of finals, and as someone with a very strategic class schedule, I am finished school entirely; no more papers or exams, come Thursday. Hurray, right? Not so much, I also have to finish all the papers and assignments which all happen to be due within the next couple days for all of my classes. 

It is safe to say that my default position is the fetal one.

So until Thursday, I am going to be a raving lunatic with no clean clothes and raccoon eyes… oh baby!

I leave you with this glimmer of home, though. I already covered Iowa legalizing same-sex marriage, but Rachel Maddow just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.