I’m going viral, and not in an epidemic sort of way.

Right now, I’m sitting on the terrace on the 15th floor of the Hudson hotel, watching the first cut of mine and Matthew’s first co-op vlog. It’s horrendous, and I look terrible, but it’s a start, a new horizon if you will. So hopefully, there will be something of substance by the time I get back to Toronto. But that may be wishful thinking, who knows, I’m new at this.

(First posted: 28/07/08)



I’m writing you from ‘wichcraft. It’s this nice little sandwich shop in Greenwich, and I’ve just had one of the best sandwiches of my life (I believe it’s the marinated eggplant one). I’m recovering from an hour or so under a tent at the pier.  Apparently today is Manhattan’s day to get the tail end of a hurricane; today is also the day that Matthew & I set aside to explore downtown and gay town (or the vicinity of Christopher St.). What good timing. So we ended up under this tented region at the edge of the pier on the Hudson river, with this really friendly butch woman, an indie rocker and his girlfriend, and what seemed to be a gay dads’ picnic. Conversations started, kayakers passed, jokes started, and an L Word marathon was almost imminent, had it not started to rain on us.

    Who kayaks during a severe thunderstorm warning, anyways? There were five people out there. Where does someone find four other consenting adults to do such a thing? Really now. It baffled me for a good 20 minutes. I was also baffled by the couple under the trees, the only trees in the vicinity, sitting on metal benches, in the middle of a thunderstorm. People these days, really.

    Actually, I’m quite happy it rained. I met some pretty nice people, and the storm didn’t really, in hindsight, last too long. There was a very very light dribble afterwards which continued for the majority of our trip around downtown, which ended up deterring 80% of the normal yuppie crowd (the remaining 20% could be seen wearing garbage bag raincoats with tourist bus logos on the back). 

    This blog’s actually been written from many places, right now I’m on the subway, heading back up to Columbus Circle to get something from Whole Foods now that we’re on a tight budget. I did, in all honestly, have quite a large budget, but there is just so much Loomstate up here, and I just recently purchased organic, fair trade jeans at Urban Outfitters for $20, on sale from $100. Things are looking up here in my final days in New York.

    Oh, and the promised clubbing update, we didn’t get in anywhere and my feet hurt terribly afterwards. We ended up in Chelsea, don’t ever go.

(First posted: 27/07/08)


The only issue with being gay, 18, and in New York as a tourist is, well, that you’re gay, 18, and a tourist. You can’t do bars, you can’t really find other random youth members of the community on the street and hang out with them., And you sure as hell don’t want to spend another night at an awkward hetero get together, where you stand awkwardly and check out the girlfriends of the guys who could definitely take you in an honour fight.

    So what is one to do? Well you come armed with a very believable fake ID, as I did. The hitch? And reasoning behind this blog? Matthew didn’t bring proper documentation and it’s really throwing a wrench in our plans. He doesn’t want to go out at night, because he can’t go out. But there’s nothing to do if we stay in. This is what you’d call a dilemma. Tonight we’re going to try out this place on west 52nd & 8th, if we don’t get in, thing are going to get awkward, not to mention I’ll be pissed. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll report back.

(First posted: 26/07/08)

Settled & ready to go

I’ve had two good sleeps back in Toronto (minus the fact that my nana snores at night), and I feel ready to make changes and get my act together. I have a place in Montreal, my new debit & credit card just came in, I still feel sluggish, but today I’m going to find a new gym, book a hair appointment, and take a tally of everything I need to bring to my new place in Montreal for September. Not bad for one day’s work, right? I hopefully will be getting some cycling in today, actually I know I will be because I’m also going to be scouting out new fair trade organic coffee shops nearby

    I feel like I have a fresh outlook on all of my endeavours, But anyways, I feel like a preachy born-again Christian. In other, more sarcastic, news; Matthew Gray has a new boy and I’m heading to New York! Both of these are good, and are related because everyone who knows me knows about the scandalous, somewhat one-sided but still significant, escapades of (mostly) Matthew Gray & I. Poor Matthew, before fully accepting his orientation, expressed to me via facebook his (seemingly) serious attraction and hit on me on various occasions. Now it’s a huge joke and I make fun of him for it as often as possible, because the one girl he chooses to hit on turns out to be a lesbian. He sure knows how to pick ‘em. Anyways, the fact that Matthew has a new boy(friend) means he’s less likely to dip his toes into the suspiciously warm waters of heterosexual conduct, and more likely to be a bubbly-best-friend type. He and I are going to New York together, which means there will be plenty of fine dining, crazy escapades (and accompanying blogs) and really bad tourist photos! Who’s excited?

    We’re going to be staying at the Hudson, and for anyone who’s ever stayed there you’re probably thinking, ‘hey, I stayed there, you need to be 21!’ well yes, technically you need to be 21, but Matthew Gray fought them on the phone arguing age of majority is 18, and we got to keep our room. Pretty cool right? I was very impressed with him, and also with the hotel for listening & even changing their policy. When we arrive, I do believe they will acknowledge just how exemplary we are. Either that or they’ll think we’re a bunch of crazy gays ravaging the hotel and sneaking alcohol into our room. I can’t remember which day we’re going, but I think it’s later on this week? I’ll get back to you.

(First posted: 16/07/08)