Son of a Gun

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you probably know that I’m a gigantic nerd. Everyone that I know who reads me will, most likely, recollect the post I did when Scrabble scared the crap out of me, saying proper nouns would be allowed.

Yes, apparently everyone I know is also a nerd. Whatchagonnado?

But I digress, the other day I was playing Trivial Pursuit: Genius Edition, a version that came out in the 1960s, and I was asked what a boy conceived between two cannons on a warship was. My answer was something along the lines of “unlikely to see his first birthday.” Evidently, the answer was “Son of a Gun” – see, you’ve just learned something new.

And, if you haven’t already, you should catch up on the indie blog’s most recent darling, Oh Land.

Oh LandOh, I didn’t mention the lead singer’s a total fox? How silly of me, giving you trivia before pictures of cute women. Tsk. I know you scrolled down first anyway.

And I’ll leave you with the video for “Son of a Gun,” which, seemingly, was shot primarily on a mirror in Charlie Sheen’s bedroom. I’m not judging.


Summer jams, women, & iguanas…

Now, if I remember correctly this is still a lesbian blog. Though I did clear out my spam comments today, and judging by the amount of Viagra ads, I wasn’t so sure if this blog is still for the sapphically inclined or for those with small penises (mine has yet to grow in, so I did the ad companies a favour and clicked a link or two, you know, keeping my options open). Despite the prevalence of little blue pills, I will continue to bring you pictures and music that may, hopefully, get you an erection, however small.

I’ve spent a lot of time on trains over the past week, and while I was traveling alone, I was not alone. No, friends, I had my trusty copy of NYLON. I tend to read magazines cover to cover, especially when Karen O is on the cover. I won’t pretend like I didn’t pick it up solely for a couple glimpses at Karen, but I do like NYLON, so it’s not like it was Quilt Mag (though I’m sure Karen quilts like a maniac).

Inside NYLON, I found the usual suspects, and some bands I was already listening to (it’s great for my ego), though when I brought up the acts at numerous casual get togethers (Little Boots is my new safe word), no one seemed to know who I was talking about. So, to prepare you for the inevitable sexual encounter at a trashy bar, here is what I’m listening to, and what you should be listening to if you want me in your bed.

First, we have Lissy Trullie

Lissy’s EP Self-Taught Learner is definitely on loop right now, and listening to her is a little bit surreal. Had no one told me she was a chick and I heard this song, well, I wouldn’t be very sure. She has this deep, but not overly raspy, voice, and, as you may have seen, a pretty androgynous look. It’s danceable indie rock, and I try to start singalongs whenever Boy Boy comes on. You should too. 

Next, Little Boots!

Victoria Hesketh, better known (I hope) as Little Boots is a pretty awesome chick. Her new album Hands is hard to comment on for me, though. As with most albums, there are only a handful of songs I like. I’d say 50% of the album is solid, as she is a synth pop vocalist, it’s easy to miss danceable when trying to add deeper lyrics, and I think that’s what happened on this album. The beat on the good tracks will blow you away, I was listening to Hands on the train back from Toronto, and had to disregard the general public as I did my chair dance. It was not pretty, but I’m fine with that. With tracks like New in Town, Stuck on Repeat (the Fake Blood remix is great too, less road trip, more club-lite), Symmetry and Mathematics, Little Boots should definitely be on your summer playlist.

Then we have Phoenix

Phoenix has been on rotation since Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix came out, and I was smitten with 1901 for a good while. 1901, however, doesn’t give you a feel for the whole album. With tracks like Liztomania, and Rome, Phoenix played a little with this album. The overall flow is good, and the collection of tracks is definitely sensical, but the aforementioned songs are decidedly more summertime dance oriented (you know, when you kick up your heels and spin around in circles… though I don’t advise doing those simultaneously).

More music to come later, I don’t want to give away all my secrets, because, you know, I’m so secretive like that. I mean, I don’t tell anyone anything. Too much? Okay. I know what you’re thinking now “what about the iguanas?” Well, I can’t get anything past you, can I? I spent four minutes of my life today listing to I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here. I don’t know if you’ve heard this song, and I am kind of hoping you haven’t; it’s a Spencer Pratt rap. Yes, that Spencer Pratt.

Badass, Spencer, badass. The iguana comes in when you see the lovely video, featuring Spencer and Heidi in a car, Spencer and Heidi with a snake, Spencer with a spider, and Heidi being sexually suggestive with what looks like a small lizard. Oh, and a good portion of the video is spencer rapping at an iguana on a rock. Enjoy…?



This is really all about the video. Everyone knows I love Karen O, except for maybe Karen herself. And as It’s Blitz! is now out, we have four odd minutes of Karen. 

Seems like Yeah Yeah Yeahs are taking a new direction… and I think I like it, I’ll just work on my Gold Lion acoustics until the next, less dance-y album.

Without any further ramblings, Zero: