Kate Nash makes Black Kids a million times “better” (gayer).

Kate Nash covering Black Kids‘ “I’m not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you”

I like this version better – nevermind my love for accents, Kate Nash, and vaguely-lesbian covers, because I’m totally unbiased.


Featuring Sara Quin

I’ve been known to, on occasion, check my Twitter feed. I follow a lot of news organizations, so it fills up quicker then, well, you can fill in that blank.

But, I digress.

While I was browsing, my good friends (by “good friends” I mean people who I follow on Twitter) Tegan & Sara have alerted me (by “me” I mean everyone on Twitter) to Sara’s involvement in a new song by Theophilus London; Why Even Try. While the title is a bit of a downer, I remain optimistic that this song will be big.

You can legally download it here.

La Remix

La Roux is one of my new favourite, what are they calling them, shouldbians? Other than that chick from Whip It, of course, I’m not going to say her name because I now only refer to her as my boo. But back to La Roux, she’s hot as fuck – exhibit a)


"Hey baby, can I have your... holy shit, you're La Roux!"

The girl’s not just a looker, and hopefully a muncher (no, I won’t let up… why is the white straight man always trying to bring me down?), but she’s got a great set of pipes. No, pipes is not code for something (but I love that I assume that my readership is full of people as pervy as I, admittedly, am). Her album was out ages ago, so if you haven’t stolen it on the internet yet, you should.

What I’m meaning to tell you, is that her songs are being remixed, mashed up, (slang equivalent of the former two examples here), all over the internet. And I know my readership so well – perverts, just like everyone else enjoy dancing, and impressing their friends.

Well, pick up the phone, and type in mom, or dad, or whomever’s number; it’s time to call home.

Check her out on Hype Machine below, or just scroll up and oggle.

La Roux- I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)

The Killers vs La Roux – Smile Like You’re Bulletproof

La Roux vs The Knife – Silent Bullet (Hi-Brid Mashup)

Know any other good mashups? Hit me up.


Goodnight ladies, gentlemen, and those of you who have yet to make up your minds.



Looking good, ladies.

Looking good, ladies.

I’m posting so much today, eh? Well, you never know when I’ll disappear into the lesbian-abyss (also known as Sweden?), so I’m going to keep ’em coming. This post is late, because every lady who’s ever seen a vagina (willingly), and has not settled for the look-don’t-touch childhood mantra has already heard Tegan and Sara’s latest track “Hell,” off Sainthood.

What is Sainthood? They’ll tell you:

But if you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen to it here:


I’m swamped, here’s my divided attention.

I have so many readings and papers to do, I just don’t know how, or if, I will survive. As I acknowledge my mortality, this is a quick post for you to remember me by, just incase I don’t make it.

Music! Everyone needs music, right? Well I have a couple bands for you, but seeing as we’re being snippy, I will push the music upon you and you, seeing as you will probably be here tomorrow, can fend for yourself. This is the music review of tough love, which, ironically is kind of more useful than an actual movie review… Thinking for yourself, now I’ve definitely made a contribution to society. So here we go, and take this paragraph lightly, you’re a smart bunch.

Dead Man’s Bones- Pa Pa Power

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- Home

Girls- Lust for Life

Actually, all those YouTube searches for things I already knew the titles of was really exhausting, so I’m going to leave you with old school Rachel Maddow meets new school Rachel Maddow.

my friends call me RayRay Maddz, oh and Im a Rhodes Scholar, too.

"my friends call me RayRay Maddz, oh and I'm a Rhodes Scholar, too."

Hello, Im Rachel Maddow, my friends call me *jaw drop* Hubba-da... Rachels fine, though.

"Hello, I'm Rachel Maddow, my friends call me *jaw drop* Hubba-da... Rachel's fine, though."

Right in the earbuds: haven’t-left-my-bed edition

I tried to be productive today, I really did. Actually, I did email a couple newspaper editors, shower, blog, and look at Agyness Deyn, so today wasn’t a total loss. I have left my bed only three times today; coffee, shower, coffee. The worst part about today is that I’m totally enjoying myself.

I have been dancing around like you wouldn’t even know, I Twittered to my heart’s content, did a couple Seesmic posts, updated my Identi, signed up for Jezebel and Ustream, not to mention I found some pretty good music. You see, I want to start djing in the underground queer scene, and as I only have one turntable, it’s going to be me and my computer (you know, with all that fancy-shmancy stolen software), so I had better have a good track or two. Well, I’ve stumbled upon a couple gems, and I haven’t given you much to listen to recently (unless we’re counting Margaret Cho telling you to eat shit). 

Let’s start with something really basic and really catchy, Noir Boys Club. I can’t figure who they sound like just yet, but I’m leaning towards MSTRKRFT (Vuvuvu), Midnight Juggernauts (Tombstone), and something or other by Justice, let’s say Stress. Mix them all together, nixing the sugar, spice and everything nice bit, and you have something you can dance (or at the very least tap your toes or gas pedal) to.

Next we have Lillica Libertine, this kid is 19 (I know I’m 19 too, but he’s awesome; he makes the music, and I give him three lines… of text), and totally awesome. His taste is impecable, his mixes are solid, and it’s just an all around good time. Plus, you can find his stuff all over the Internet, unlike Noir Boys Club, which is always a plus.

Finally (at least finally in terms of “songs you might hear at the club”) comes Princess Superstar. Her lyrics are interesting, let’s leave it at that. It kind of brings me back to the 90s, when I would sing overly sexual lyrics without knowing what I was going at the time ( ;) ). Licky is interesting, if there wasn’t a male connotation, I would “spin this track” for sure. 

The final band I’m going to put up you may have heard before, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. They’ve got a little bit of a retro vibe, very upbeat, kind of twangy, like She and Him after a couple balloons full of helium. Raimy (of Muthafunka fame) relates them to the Ting Tings, I kind of see it, but I feel like the retro, near Amy Winehouse, beats are distinct from the Ting Tings.

Happy listening, loves.

Hello, target audience!

Apparently I’m posting a whole slew of videos these days… and until someone starts complaining or sends me anthrax in the mail, I will continue to do so. I like to think I know who reads my blogs, but as the number of readers starts to exceed the-number-of-people-that-I-probably-met-that-one-time-when-I-was-drunk, now I just guess and hope you all keep reading. 

Well, if there is one thing that crosses all demographic-related borders, it’s comedians who make music. Enter Margaret Cho (with the lovely, talented, and beyond-too-sexy Amanda Palmer) at SXSW. Enjoy