The sexier side of medical dramas

Medical dramas are everywhere… as are hot, bicurious-come-sweeps women. What happens when these ladies are out of their scrubs? Apparently they’re biting roses and seducing people with cameras (or blogs…).

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy) is looking, well, I don't really need to say it, do I?

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde (House) seems to have, um, dropped something...

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison (House) makes me a fan of vinyl again...

Katherine Moennig

Katherine Moennig (Three Rivers) is the reason I'm doing this... but I hid her in the middle to confuse you ;)

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Girls in Glasses

I was lurking AfterEllen earlier, only to come across the coverage of An Evening with Women. And I found one Katherine Moennig sporting some new glasses. Hot. I love a woman who can rock the spectacles.

Katherine Moennig (left)

Katherine Moennig (left)

Sara Quin (I think)

Sara Quin (I think)

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

The L Word returns?

Am I the last to the party on this one? Or is everyone else following the interrogation tapes too? They rip the rug out from under the first five seasons, and it’s a little bit crazy; everything you thought you knew. Gone. Anyways, I’m not going to ruin this one for you.Hopefully this posts, trying the new WordPress video posting widget. More here!

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I’m getting my lezzy-ass in gear

Okay so, you realize you’re a lesbian (finally!), now what? Well, let’s see. 

Look up a list of terms on Urban Dictionary is a good start. Download 5 seasons of the L Word, and feel better about your realization once you find yourself attracted to everyone. 

Venture into the occasional sex shop and actually look around for things you may need in the future

Start cleaning your room, just in case, you maybe, eventually, some day, bring home a hot chick.

Read Curve, or the like, front to back, and resist the unbearable urge to take notes and ask your straight friends.

Sucker your more socially liberal friends into being your wing person at the local lesbian bar on Wednesday evening

Come out! Well, maybe one person at a time works too, you’re not a bull dyke… yet.

    And that brings us back to me, my list of accomplishments thus far. I think I have pretty far to go. I just downloaded some Ani DiFranco, and man, do we ever have it right. Ani DiFranco is kind of a “big dyke joke” amongst my friends, “turn down the DiFranco and listen to me”, is becoming more common by the day. Which is odd, because I broke my iPod two months ago, so I’m never actually listening to “the DiFranco” while they address me. It’s a stupid joke and terribly bland when it’s only in print, I’m sure.

    The point of the above paragraph was that I’m now getting into more lesbian-themed music. I realized that this was a logical step when I was on the plane back from Vancouver, and I was watching some horrible Hollywood blockbuster of a movie, and I could not stand to watch the horrible hetero sex scene. Lesbian sex scenes, and just lesbian chemistry in general is far more relatable to me (for obvious reasons, I hope), so I assume the music should be too. Here’s to diving in.

(First posted: 29/07/08)

Who likes short shorts?

I do. Or at least I had better start liking them. Why? Well, I’ve been feeling a little sluggish recently (which I have also come to know as grown-up code for fat), and I think I’ll be heading back to the gym. I’m only in Toronto until late August (actually, I have no idea how long I’ll be in Toronto, it’s really whenever I can move into my new place in Montreal), so I think I’ll just get a membership for a month, and you know, buff up.

    I feel like this is a Weight Watchers diary entry, which it may very well turn in to if I continue on my path to absolute “sluggishness”. But I think I’m neglecting my diet in favour of convenience, and sheer laziness really, so I’m going to get back on that. And the running joke among my friends which pertains to the fact that I can barely carry a laptop with one arm, is one of those jokes that are “funny because it’s true”. It’s a sad state of affairs, let me tell you. So I’m up for making some changes, worst case scenario, I become a gym rat. Best case scenario, I become Katherine Moennig and I suddenly possess the ability to pick up women in sweat pants and a ratty old t-shirt… and apparently I would also be a serial optimist, or an acid junkie.

    But seriously, I feel in need of a good work out, nose to the grindstone and all that good stuff. No pain, no gain? I am horrible at motivational speaking, I think it stems from the fact that I never played sports as a child (I think I’ve found my root! …And don’t tell me you don’t know where that quote’s from). When I get off this plane, I will probably go to bed because it will be late at night. But when I wake up, early in the morning, to good healthy foods, I will find a gym, a workout outfit, and hopefully, eventually, an even hotter bod. Here’s to hoping.

(First posted: 10/07/08)

Your one lesbian friend

Cool gays!How is it that lesbians are so in right now? I mean, I’m not complaining, a little press isn’t going to kill us. But it seems like the cool thing to do these days is to befriend and be photographed with at least one outed lesbian (and maybe possibly Ellen Page).

    Everyone’s forgotten about small dogs in pink purses, and they’ve moved on to brighter horizons, the indie-lesbian community. Lindsay Lohan befriends Samantha Ronson & suddenly the whole world is up in arms. Looking for pictures to post, I searched “Lindsay Lohan and lesbian friend”, only because I had heard through the grape vine that she was dabbling with someone, but no one told me names, and up came Lindsay and Samantha, only poor Sam was referred to only as “lesbian friend”. What a piss off! People so much about the fact that Lindsay Lohan has a lesbian friend that they don’t even list her name! I mean, come on, Samantha Ronson is an awesome dj/musician, lesbian or not. And I think she deserves to be named.

    And then we have Paris Hilton, who goes out to gay bars, and you’d think from the press she gets that the apocalypse was coming and we should all prepare ourselves with tinfoil hats and chastity belts. She was at the L Word season 5 premiere party and the media had a fit. Even I was having a fit, but that’s probably because she was inches away from Katherine Moennig, prow! I’m hoping that Paris still has some trendsetting left in her, because if everyone who went out to buy one of those little dogs decided to go out and befriend a lesbian, the world would probably be a better place. But I’m just sayin’.