You’re about to smile and be impressed.

Told ya.


La Remix

La Roux is one of my new favourite, what are they calling them, shouldbians? Other than that chick from Whip It, of course, I’m not going to say her name because I now only refer to her as my boo. But back to La Roux, she’s hot as fuck – exhibit a)


"Hey baby, can I have your... holy shit, you're La Roux!"

The girl’s not just a looker, and hopefully a muncher (no, I won’t let up… why is the white straight man always trying to bring me down?), but she’s got a great set of pipes. No, pipes is not code for something (but I love that I assume that my readership is full of people as pervy as I, admittedly, am). Her album was out ages ago, so if you haven’t stolen it on the internet yet, you should.

What I’m meaning to tell you, is that her songs are being remixed, mashed up, (slang equivalent of the former two examples here), all over the internet. And I know my readership so well – perverts, just like everyone else enjoy dancing, and impressing their friends.

Well, pick up the phone, and type in mom, or dad, or whomever’s number; it’s time to call home.

Check her out on Hype Machine below, or just scroll up and oggle.

La Roux- I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)

The Killers vs La Roux – Smile Like You’re Bulletproof

La Roux vs The Knife – Silent Bullet (Hi-Brid Mashup)

Know any other good mashups? Hit me up.


Goodnight ladies, gentlemen, and those of you who have yet to make up your minds.


Under construction, not out of commission

Where’s the banner, you say? Well, the banner is down, but the banter is back. Yes, the hiatus is over, but the blog renovations have just started. You see, dear readers, I’ve gotten myself one of those CSS editor upgrades, and I am, to the best of my abilities, trying to use it. So don’t get your knickers in a knot (unless they are already in the knot in question, if so, I suggest taking them off entirely; no judgement here), the site will be “bangin'” again in no time.

While I fiddle with coding and FTP-related things, I leave you with this lovely Kanye vs Obama mash up, as I assume all of you are as big on viral videos as I am. Kanye West jumps on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance, goes off about how Beyonce should have won, Pink claps awkwardly; it’s an age old story, really. So what does Kanye think about health reform? Who cares! Beyonce had one of the best videos, OF ALL TIME!

Oh, and I know that had nothing to do with gay ladies, so, I give you this gratuitous picture of Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page kissing. You’re welcome.

Your one lesbian friend

Cool gays!How is it that lesbians are so in right now? I mean, I’m not complaining, a little press isn’t going to kill us. But it seems like the cool thing to do these days is to befriend and be photographed with at least one outed lesbian (and maybe possibly Ellen Page).

    Everyone’s forgotten about small dogs in pink purses, and they’ve moved on to brighter horizons, the indie-lesbian community. Lindsay Lohan befriends Samantha Ronson & suddenly the whole world is up in arms. Looking for pictures to post, I searched “Lindsay Lohan and lesbian friend”, only because I had heard through the grape vine that she was dabbling with someone, but no one told me names, and up came Lindsay and Samantha, only poor Sam was referred to only as “lesbian friend”. What a piss off! People so much about the fact that Lindsay Lohan has a lesbian friend that they don’t even list her name! I mean, come on, Samantha Ronson is an awesome dj/musician, lesbian or not. And I think she deserves to be named.

    And then we have Paris Hilton, who goes out to gay bars, and you’d think from the press she gets that the apocalypse was coming and we should all prepare ourselves with tinfoil hats and chastity belts. She was at the L Word season 5 premiere party and the media had a fit. Even I was having a fit, but that’s probably because she was inches away from Katherine Moennig, prow! I’m hoping that Paris still has some trendsetting left in her, because if everyone who went out to buy one of those little dogs decided to go out and befriend a lesbian, the world would probably be a better place. But I’m just sayin’.