Erin's Vagina Depot

File that under "Sweet Deal"

It was a sad day for me when I found out that Sarah Haskins was leaving InfoMania; I got a bottle of wine, a throw blanket, had a good cry, you know, like any normal human being. Sarah’s funny, smart, someone I’d sleep with, and once, I saw her on The Rachel Maddow show, so I couldn’t fault her in the least.

Then, a while after my bottle of wine was gone and I’d just gotten the smell of Merlot and crushed dreams out of my throw blanket, Erin Gibson came around with Modern Lady. I was shocked, kind of appalled, and probably on the verge of becoming a semi-functional alcoholic at the time, so I wasn’t really up on what was going on with her Infomania segment. Today, however, she lured me in the same way most women do, with the promise of something to do with vagina, and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m sorry, I didn’t warn you about the multiple uncomfortable commercials, did I? Well, hopefully it wasn’t too unbearable. And hey, think on the bright side, watching a clip selling vinegar & water douching products is, and I’m going to assume here, far more comfortable than actually using one. Yikes.


Sarah Haskins-Rachel Maddow Show Collab(o).

Sarah Haskins and The Rachel Maddow Show join forces, if only for three-ish minutes to talk models, photoshop, and “fatties.” Quotations necessary.

Back with some homo lovin’

Hello, internet stalkers! Now I know what you’re thinking…

Oh, great, Lauren’s going to tell us she’s coming back again and then she’ll update once a month, only to promise more updates.

Well, yes, that is what I’m doing. Except for the monthly updates bit, of course. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been, and I am wondering the same. Of late I’ve been trying this whole “face to face interaction” thing, which, by the way, is far overrated. So, in light of that epiphany, I’m back! I just got back from Toronto last night, and I’m still in recovery mode. Between drinking far too much Pink Elephant at Ronnies, watching a chick from Brooklyn pet her lucky horse broach(sp?) on Jeopardy, and dancing it up at College Night at the Barn, I’ve been running myself into the ground. And by the ground, I mean a lot of party-related troubles. 

I have a stellar sunburn from doing rooftop yoga at my dad’s Roncesvalles loft, I have blisters from wearing in my new half cabs, and I seem to be in a persistent state of hungover-ness (which is the medical term). But, it’s been fun. Now that I’m back at home, I seem to be getting my shit together; Jesse and I are moving in together, I’m getting paid to learn French (thanks, Quebec government!), and all seems to be well in the world of Lauren. So, naturally, I have come back to my little nook in the blogosphere, cozied up with Craigslist, and I am scouring the Internet for new music and gay-related things… like, say, Current‘s new segment, That’s Gay.

Yes, Current seems to take up far too much of my life, and yes, it’s probably not healthy, but neither are many other things I do, like smoking, making left turns on Renee Levesque, and drinking Pink Elephant. At least I can share Current shows with you, blowing second hand smoke over the Internet is a very tedious process, and I just don’t have the lung capacity, anyways.


Current continues gay streak

I have more videos for you from Current… okay, so Target Women hasn’t come up on my feed yet, but I will remain patient. If it doesn’t show up soon though, I’ll be the one sitting in the corner with the tinfoil hat. Anyways, let’s take a look at this batch. We have:

Trans rights in Thailand

Jerusalem Pride

And finally, Coming Out Mormon

Now, I’m not really sure what’s going on with the underlying themes in Current TV land this week… it’s seems to be gays and barrier reefs, maybe someone can fill me in on the connection?

Current TV, I love you.

Current TV, the people who bring us Target Women every week seem to be on a little bit of a gay streak… at least that’s what my YouTube subscription feed is telling me. We have undercover drag kings:

A gay Jamaican cop now in hiding (who knew?):

And finally an intersex person who was given the wrong gender by her parents (thanks mom and dad!)

The perils of: Having a vagina

It’s a hard life, ladies. We are told to wear this and that, cut our hair one length for fall, and then have it all magically grow back when Rapunzel chic comes around in winter, but for most of us, we shrug off the really lame marketing strategies in favour of something else; beer and all dressed Ruffles chips.

It's how I stay so slim... by not opening the Ruffles.

It's how I stay so slim... by not opening the Ruffles.

Sometimes, people actually pay attention to these ads, like those pesky feminists that just fell of the Sonoma Diet bandwagon, or Sarah Haskins. Now, I know what you’re thinking:

First, I resent that feminism remark. Second, who is Sarah Haskins?

Well, darlings, since you cannot Urban Dictionary her (though you can Urban Dictionary terms like “tolerance juice” and inappropriate sexual endeavours posing as Jewish holidays, so Urban Dictionary has yet to be discredited), I will fill you in. Sarah Haskins does a bit for Current TV called Target Women, and it is absolutely hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that it is 26 degrees outside and I am sitting on my couch sipping on beer and wondering when I bought these all dressed Ruffles, watching her.

Sarah takes everything women are taught in the media, puts on her satire cap (of which I have yet to find a picture), and spins it all up into life lessons, Current TV style.

She touches on skin care: 

And weddings:

And of course, cleaning:

For more Current TV, head on over to their website. Ah, I should be getting paid for this.