She’s gay, I promise.

Oh Clementine Ford, you have put me on such an emotional roller coaster with this whole ordeal.

Is she gay?


Wait, just kidding, she never said that.

Wait, again, hold on, she is gay, she just didn’t want to be outed when she didn’t say specifically that she was gay.

Oh, I see now.

Yes, it seems that she was upset over the whole DIVA ordeal, because they outed her (kind of) without her actually saying anything. Then, just to recap, she told TV Guide that she never came out. I then blogged about it, and clearly the entire lesbian community reads this blog, thus, outrage ensued. Now, she sat down with The Advocate and says “I am gay.” That to me seems very solid… especially the part about the whole lesbian community reading my blog. All kidding aside, she’s gay.

“Look, I am gay, and I just wanted there not to be this big emphasis on it.”

-Ford to The Advocate

I am thoroughly impressed with Clementine Ford (as almost always), and I’m really happy to see that she’s out. I’m most excited for the fact that now she’s a very newsworthy person and no longer “the-chick-who-came-out-but-not-really-then-got-mad-but-was-on-The-L-Word-and-we-were-all-jealous-of-her-being-with-Kate-Moennig”, which is of course how she is commonly referred to, sometimes shortened to “TCWCOBTRTGMBWOTLWAWWAJOHBWKM”; only a couple more letters than LGBTQ. I am also excited to post hot pictures of her on my blog now for no apparent reason. 

Don’t you just love excessive gay celebrity coverage? Because I do.


The “truth” hurts

I know, I’m crazy attached to my computer today, but news just keeps trickling down the lesbian news pole (…hey girl!). Trish Bendix (of AfterEllen fame) just blogged about Clementine Ford’s reaction to her “coming out” article in Diva. According to Ford, Diva misquoted her all over the place, took other interviews out of context, and they jumped to popular assumptions. 

Way to get a girl’s hopes up, Diva. 

On the other hand, Ford is not denying that she is gay (nor did she ever confirm it, apparently), and she remains commentless when it comes to the elusive sexuality of one Katherine Moennig

The whole article can be found here.

Regardless of whether or not she is gay, we love her for doing that Point Foundation PSA.

Clementine Ford, you homo, you.

So, I was just browsing Girlfriend is a Homo, only to find that they’ve just (and by “just” I’m talking half an hour ago… I’m so up to date) posted a bit about Clementine Ford coming out. 

Hubba-da, hubba-da, I know.

Apparently, she did a bit of tell all for Diva’s March issue. And I will tell you this, the whole community is raving (by whole community I mean AfterEllen and blogs which troll AfterEllen, clearly). We all remember Clementine from the L Word; she played Molly, Phyllis’s straight and sassy daughter (yes, straight and sassy), who falls for Shane.

But on a more serious note, I would like to say that I think it’s very admirable of her to come out as a woman in the public spotlight, and I support her decision fully.

On a less serious note, you know how we joke about accepting one chick, and trying to give someone else back to the straight world? Open arms, Clementine, open arms.