It’s a slow road… but I’m coming back!

I had to actually sign into WordPress today, and that means that it has been far too long, because to my knowledge, they remember your login for, oh, I don’t know, twenty years or so. So now that I am apparently thirty nine, I feel like it’s time to jump back on the blogging horse, bandana around the neck, uncomfortable vegan cowboy shoes on my feet, and ride it out. 

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that this is not someone else writing about my untimely demise (though, seeing as I’m thirty nine, it’s probably coming). I have been very busy with potential girlfriends, job hunting, and the seemingly never-ending apartment search. So busy, in fact, that I have not had time for my little Internet community. Well, no longer! I have already started my YouTube comeback, and tomorrow, there will be a new, interesting, overly sarcastic blog for you. Today is just a teaser… with videos!


The perils of being all over the Internet

Bloggers are everywhere, whether or not people read those blogs remains to be seen. However, I often find that people who have blogs with someone reading that blog in question, have a readership of relatives and friends. Well, when I first started blogging, I thought people would be more worried about the random creeps (of course, none of you fall under the random creeps category, you’re more like “hot bitches with taste”) looking into my personal life, but that was not the case.

My dad found me on YouTube over Christmas and has made fun of me ever since. Sure, it’s jokingly, but he thinks I’m “too gay” on the Internet and that it will hurt my future. To that I say “bah!” and “well this advice came a little late”, the “don’t post videos about sex, of sex, or regarding your sexuality, on the Internet” talk should come right before the sex talk. Parents, put down your cucumbers and condoms, and pick up your keyboards, because your child could be an Internet menace, just like me!

Apart from my dad, there’s always the threat of my other family; especially if we’re talking about my bio-mom (my real mother being Pam). My mother apparently loves Google, but whether or not she’s ever had the brains to Google me, well, that remains to be seen. If she were to Google me, I’m sure she’d find very nice, rosey things, like my YouTube channel, this blog, my Twitter feed, my Identi, knowledge of my Internet activity on Identi, and sites I frequent on Delicious (not that I’m ever at my computer). My mother is too Christian, and I am too gay, which usually works out because I could just pull the “cut all ties” card, but my mother is Christian, mentally unstable, and violent; I occasionally hetero-it-up around her, it’s funny.

My friends have also expressed worry, some because I don’t blog enough (hi Zach!), some because I blog too much about too many “personal” things (this person will remain nameless), and some because I gratuitously link to anything remotely gay. Thankfully, I am about as personal as that darn pancake bunny when it comes to blogging (makes you want to keep reading, doesn’t it?). I will, however, start blogging more, I’ve just fallen off a bandwagon or two. Fret not, avid readers, I will be back and spunky in no time. Plus, lots is going on in my life, so, keep on coming back (and surprising me when you do).

Chicks and Bikes

I don’t generally endorse other blogs, unless, of course, they are amazing (much like how this one is in my head). Today, I have another blog for you. No, it’s not deep. Nope, there are no sarcastic remarks or undertones. It’s just what its name says Chicks and Bikes

I love a woman on a bicycle… mm, do I ever. But I digress, some of the photos are really awesome and if you love women (if?!) or if you like bikes (again, if?!), or if you like both (IF?!), you should check it out.

Highlights include:

Checking in: GIAH has a new layout

Just a quickie, ladies and the liberally-minded, Girlfriend is a Homo has a new layout (and I know, this is old news for those of you who already follow GIAH, but I’m just getting up on the gay news), so please, check them out. They’re far gayer than I am, and that’s hard to do, if I do say so myself.

That’s all for now, I’ve been in class all day so I apologize for the lack of posts, I’m working on it.