Girls in Glasses

I was lurking AfterEllen earlier, only to come across the coverage of An Evening with Women. And I found one Katherine Moennig sporting some new glasses. Hot. I love a woman who can rock the spectacles.

Katherine Moennig (left)

Katherine Moennig (left)

Sara Quin (I think)

Sara Quin (I think)

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne


I have a new love interest.

Okay, so she’s my latest celebrity crush. And while her name may not be sexy, she definitely is. I’m going to minimize the talking to maximize the photos. Enjoy. I know I am.

Her name is Agyness Deyn, and she blows my mind.





This last image has been brought to you by wishful thinking. Or vodka. Or both, but primarily the latter.


[ First posted: 19/09/08 ]

This just in: I’m one bolt away from being a total badass.

My fixed gear conversion is almost complete, and in saying that I mean that I can start riding just as soon as I buy a new saddle and get my wheel built. The only thing standing in my ego’s path is the bolt on the left hand side of my free wheel. Having no real cycling equipment, formal bike dismantling training, or relevant information other than “take it all off”, this bolt has proven to be a worthy opponent for my can’t-do-5-push-ups physique.

    I don’t want to bring it in to the bike shop because I just know those crazies are going to charge me an arm and a leg, or $15. But it’s a matter of principle. I enjoy the fact that I have ripped out every innovative piece of machinery on this bicycle, and that I really don’t need much of anything to make it into what I want it to be. And that makes me feel as if I am far superior to most everyone inhabiting this planet

    In other news which is entirely unrelated to bicycles or my poor upper body strength, Chloe leaves tomorrow! I am incredibly depressed just thinking about it, however I know letting my friend go free into the land of the free and the campus filled with cheap, free and plentiful under armor accessories is the right thing to do. Chloe heads out for Utica to start training with her team tomorrow, so tonight, and possibly all throughout today, I am treating her to something which I have put no planning into, seeing as this date has snuck up on me. I am willing to offer free tequila to her though, and if that isn’t the sign of true friendship, well, I don’t know what is.

    Speaking of friends near and far, Sarah Batzold called me yesterday. I haven’t seen her in an entire year, which is incredibly depressing to admit to, but it was really good to catch up with that girl. Her and I have the worst timing, however. You see, she’s going to U of T next year for psychology, and she’s moving down a day after I leave for Montreal. If only Concordia had residences that were convenient for vegans, that way I wouldn’t have to live alone, in a building full of hipsters. Oh, I am so very hard done by. I live 2 km away from Montreal’s Brakeless shop though, so I think I will just get by. 

(First posted: 13/08/08)