Hello, again (…again)

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Oh, hi – I didn’t see you there

In the absence of counseling sessions available to myself and all of you, due largely to space and lack of interest from the counselor community (who knew?), I’ve decided to try and reconcile our differences the old fashioned way – by writing about it blindly on the internet.

You’re probably wondering a couple of things right now – where have I been? why haven’t I called? when are we all going to get together and snapchat inappropriate photos of ourselves to eachother? I will answer each one in due time.

Since I last wrote you I’ve become a workaholic; making pastries, taking photos, generally neglecting anything in my life that doesn’t call more than 3 times in a row or supply me with the cash monies. What I’m trying to say, clearly, is pay up.

I’m kidding, kind of. But my work really has consumed me for the past two years, and I don’t think it’s particularly a bad thing. I’m a sometimes-mature grown up these days, and it’s nice, even if I do now live in a concrete-walled yuppie loft… There’s reliable air conditioning and this is my view of the city, so, I can’t complain, see!

Lauren Pettigrew, Lauren Pettigrew Online, Toronto, Canada, CN TowerWhen I haven’t been busy with my pastries, I’m really enjoying the modelling aspect of my life. Most recently, I was on the cover of NOW Magazine’s Pride Issue – apparently I’m now gay famous. Or Judy’s gay famous and I piggy backed her, and she piggy backed my genderless modelling street cred – it’s still being contested in certain circles. Before that I was flown down to Orlando for runway work last month, and it’s just photo shoot central over here. Tough life, right?

I can’t at this moment recall what else I have for you. So I’ll just have to update you as I go. Good session, kids. Same time next week?


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