Erin's Vagina Depot

File that under "Sweet Deal"

It was a sad day for me when I found out that Sarah Haskins was leaving InfoMania; I got a bottle of wine, a throw blanket, had a good cry, you know, like any normal human being. Sarah’s funny, smart, someone I’d sleep with, and once, I saw her on The Rachel Maddow show, so I couldn’t fault her in the least.

Then, a while after my bottle of wine was gone and I’d just gotten the smell of Merlot and crushed dreams out of my throw blanket, Erin Gibson came around with Modern Lady. I was shocked, kind of appalled, and probably on the verge of becoming a semi-functional alcoholic at the time, so I wasn’t really up on what was going on with her Infomania segment. Today, however, she lured me in the same way most women do, with the promise of something to do with vagina, and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m sorry, I didn’t warn you about the multiple uncomfortable commercials, did I? Well, hopefully it wasn’t too unbearable. And hey, think on the bright side, watching a clip selling vinegar & water douching products is, and I’m going to assume here, far more comfortable than actually using one. Yikes.


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