The perils of cycling fashionably

Cycling FashionAs a cyclist, and more specifically as a commuter, cycling fashion tends to elude me. While it’s no secret that I’ve been slowly building up a fixed gear bike these past couple weeks, it’s also not a secret that I right now ride a cromoly-framed hybrid. I’m not beyond joking about my hybrid, it’s huge handlebars, it’s enormous cassette, and it’s 26 inch knobby wheels. The bike itself gets me from A to B as long as my handlebars fit, but the fashion that comes with riding a hybrid? Well, usually it’s a baby trailer, lycra leggings, or whatever frumpy get up they happen to be wearing that day.

    While I clearly have a love-hate relationship with my hybrid, and everything that comes with riding it, instead of trying to kick the hybrid rider stereotype, I am jumping ship as everyone who goes to university for something to do with writing or graphic design eventually does. Yes, when my conversion is finished, my poor Marin will become the target of my holier-than-thou cyclist wrath. Firstly, the Marin will be outfitted with new decals, either saying “one less fixed gear” ironically, or “granny cycle!”, or maybe, just maybe, both. Secondly, those huge wire basket panniers will be mounted on the back for my groceries. Next, the Marin will fall victim to 1 full roll of reflective tape, pride spokes on the rear tire, and continuing neglect of it’s cassette. Sucks to not be trendy!

(First posted: 23/08/08)


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